The Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras: A Tale of Sex, Lies and Spiritual Enlightenment

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Dave's life is ruled by women.
There's his wife Marlene, a gorgeously sexy blonde bitch, who communicates with him via Post-it notes.
There's Charlotte, his bossy, precocious, six-year-old daughter.
And his yoga teacher, Kali, who appears to be a physical incarnation of the Hindu Goddess of Creation & Destruction. Dave's blood thickens with cold whenever she comes close, and that's doing his cholesterol level no good at all.
The men in Dave's life are no use either. Max, the boss from hell, is threatening to fire him. Chris the dork has a Star Wars quotation for every occasion. And beer-swilling Mike has nothing to offer but bloke wisdom and dirty jokes.
Dave seeks knowledge in a book, and not just any book. The two-thousand year old Yoga Sutras is the Bible of yoga, but the more Dave reads, the less he understands.
Being a man in the twenty-first century is no fun at all, but instead of facing up to reality, can Dave invent a new version of it instead?
As he tries to escape his earthly bondage, a new and terrifying world of gods, goddesses, angels, demons and witches opens up before him. Is this the liberation from karma that was promised in the Yoga Sutras, or are things taking a major turn for the worse? Can Dave find wisdom, save his marriage, learn to do yoga without falling over, and discover the secret of happiness before everything goes too far?

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